Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sony busted for rootkit install

The music industry still doesn't get it. They think they're going to make more money by making it more difficult for people to use the music they purchase as they see fit. Why would I buy a Sony CD if I knew I wouldn't be able to copy the music on to my MP3 player? Even more so, why would I buy a Sony CD if I knew it was going to install potentially harmful software on my computer? The fact is I wouldn't. However, if they made music I like available at reasonable prices in a convenient format such as downloadable that I could play on my MP3 player, play on my computer, and burn to a CD so I can play it in my car or stereo, I would be much more likely to buy their music and would probably buy more music. The number of songs sold through Apple's popular iTunes only proves this to be true.

If companies like Sony continue their old way of thinking about music distribution, forcing customers to purchase the same music separately for each device they wish to play it on, they're going to be stuck counting their old money and miss out on the opportunity to make new money.

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