Thursday, October 15, 2009

The truth comes out

The Bush administration was long known to doctor or hide documents of scientific finding that didn't align with what they wanted to hear. For years they denied that global warming was a reality. After all, a report like that would be bad for their friends in the oil and power industries.

Now a 2007 EPA report that was kept under wraps by Bush has finally been released. The document shows that even in 2007 it was clearly known that greenhouse gases pose a serious risks and need to be regulated.

In even worse news it is now predicted that in 20 to 30 years the arctic ice cap will completely disappear in summer months. As I wrote a few years ago, this will greatly disrupt the global conveyor belt and cause global weather disruption. Unfortunately we are most likely too late to be able to prevent global weather disruptions due to global warming. The most we can do is to slow down global warming, but that will take a great deal of effort from all the nations of the world, especially first world nations like the United States.